Value Your House – What’s the market value of your house?

What’s the market value of your house?

You don’t need us to tell you that the housing market has exploded over the past decade. Far from stalling or slowing, the market flourished during the Covid-19 Pandemic, with demand and prices escalating as a three-month lockdown saw families confined to their homes and gardens and took stock of what they would change about their properties. Chances are, you’re amongst them and you’re wondering what your home is worth now compared to what you paid for it, and if now would be a good time to put yours on the market and explore new horizons.

The Chosen Home team has been inundated with valuation requests since we first established ourselves, with Sutton Coldfield being a key target area for buyers and sellers alike. Well, take it from us: Homes in Sutton Coldfield have never been in such high demand.

Average market value and availability

Always one of the most desirable places to live in the West Midlands, the average price of a detached property in Sutton has increased by 83 per cent since 2006, from £364,563 to £675,800, with those offering five plus bedrooms increasing by almost £400,000 from an average sale point of £545,377 in 2006 to £925,000 in 2022.* Part of that demand is down to availability. There are fewer homes in the town available than there were – largely due to people choosing their Forever Home and being reluctant to leave the beautiful town once settled.

According to the statisticians at, the number of properties available now compared to 2007 has diminished: In January 2007, 56 four-bedroom homes were advertised for sale in the town, compared to 20 in May 2022 – a fall of 64 per cent, while the number of three bedroom homes has fallen from 72 to 19 over the same timescale; a 74 per cent drop. All in all, those stats are good news for those wishing to market their home right now – the demand is there and while there’s competition, it’s less fierce than it was 15 years ago. But that’s all the more reason to make sure your property looks its best to make it stand out and secure a quick sale – our top tips can help you do that.

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