Sell your house – Tips to help your property stand out from the crowd.

Selling your house – preparation is key!

So, you’ve decided to sell your house, which means you want to get the best price you can, and to sell it as fast as possible. When it comes to on-point valuation and marketing support, you know can rely on Chosen Home, but before you make the call, ensure your house look its best.

The more polished your property looks, the more potential buyers will be attracted to it, and the better your chances of securing a swift sale.

Preparing it for viewings doesn’t necessarily mean spending a fortune, but could add thousands to its value and lead to a faster sale.

 Here are our top tips for showing your property to its best advantage.

Sell your house by creating kerb appeal

The first time a potential buyer will see your house will be from the outside, so make sure it gives a good impression: weed the flower beds, mow the lawn, trim the hedges and position attractive potted shrubs beside the door. Jet-wash the driveway, clean windows and door panels so they sparkle and ensure the window frames, guttering and roof tiles look well-maintained.

Most people make their minds up about purchasing a property within the first few minutes, so make them all count!

Address those odd jobs

It’s time to do those niggling little tasks you’ve been putting off. Fix cracked tiles and scrub limescale or grubby grout. Wax wooden floors and fill in any holes in the walls where pictures used to hang.

Spend time making the back garden look good – the lockdowns we’ve all endured over the past two years have given us all an appreciation of outdoor space, so make sure yours is welcoming, with neat lawns, pruned hedges and lichen-free patio spaces. 

If the jobs are too daunting, this is a great time to seek recommendations for a handy man or gardener to help get things ship-shape.

Reflect on your interior

Cast an eye around your home. Is it cluttered? Could it do with a lick of paint? Does it appear bright and airy? Remove unnecessary clutter to begin with. This doesn’t mean getting rid of everything and leaving the bare minimum; your home should look like one, but emphasise the space available. 

Spend a weekend refreshing the walls, ceilings and woodwork with a coat of paint – you’ll be astonished at the difference it makes.

Speaking of reflections… never underestimate the way a mirror bounces light around and makes a room look larger and brighter. Replace lightbulbs, position lamps in darker corners and make sure windows are gleaming to let natural light in.

Concentrate on the kitchen – the most valuable room to sell your house

The kitchen is the most valuable room in the house, being worth the most per square foot, so any improvement investments should focus on maximising it. While investing in new cabinets could be too costly in order to sell your house, consider replacing cabinet doors and upgrading handles. Replacing work surfaces can be expensive but can add significant value.

Keep surfaces clutter-free – store toasters and coffee makers in a cupboard to show all available space, retaining a vase of flowers or bowl of fruit as a focal point.

The sweet smell of a sale

We’ve all heard that baking bread helps to sell your house, but it genuinely works! People buy into a lifestyle as much as a home, so filling it with the smells of baking, brewing coffee or fresh flowers immediately makes it more inviting to visitors. Failing that, light a scented candle!

Now it looks its best, you’re ready to sell your house – it’s time to call the Chosen Home team in to do the rest!

Selling your home?

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