Sell Your House Stourbridge: Deciding Whether to Sell or Stay?

With brilliant rail and road links, heaps of artisan and independent businesses, weekly access to fantastic fresh produce courtesy of the area’s many farm shops and stunning countryside surroundings, it’s hardly surprising that Stourbridge is high up on the list when it comes to choosing where to live in the West Midlands.

sell house stourbridge - image of the bowling green at mary stevens parkSo, is it time to sell your house in Stourbridge? Or should you stay put?

According to property analysts at, at present, the average asking price for homes in Stourbridge is £297,919, an on average, they are on the market for five months (159 days) before being sold.

If you’re looking to sell your house, and you’re lucky enough to live in Stourbridge, here are some handy stats to help you get a gauge on what to expect before you even pick up the phone to request a valuation.

Three bedroom properties are the most readily available in the town, with asking prices averaging £289,893 and spending less than three months on the market (an average of 89 days) before being snapped up.

Four bedroom homes are less available, spending around six months on the market (an average of 196 days) before being sold, with the average asking price being £429,521.

Of course, as always, the kind of property is a key factor in price and length of time on the market, with detached properties spending approximately 120 days (four months) on the market and averaging an asking price of £279,194, while semi-detached homes spend around three weeks longer on the market (141 days) and fetch an asking price of around £268,164. Right now, terraced houses have the swiftest sale time, spending under three months on the market (85 days) and notching up an average asking price of £227,384.

As if you needed any further encouragement, the market couldn’t be stronger right now, and our team of passionate sales consultants are on hand to give you the best advice and marketing tools available to help you sell your home.

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