Should you sell your home in Knowle? Spotlight on Knowle

There’s a lot to love about Knowle, the picturesque village packed with independent businesses on the outskirts of Solihull, and if you’re looking to sell your home right now, most estate agents will reliably inform you that you couldn’t pick a better time.

The latest data from property analysts at, shows that a good percentage of homes placed on the market within the village are sold within three months, with a couple of properties selling after just 17 days! In other words, there is a keen appetite to move to Knowle and it’s a good time to capitalise on that if you’re looking to sell your home.

Three-, four- and five-bedroom homes are the most sought after, with average prices varying from £575,000 (for a three-bedroom property) to £1,049,167 (for a five-bedroom home), and the average time on the market ranging from just 41 days for a four-bedroom home, to 50 days for a three-bedroom property – what more encouragement do you need?

The most readily available properties at present are two-bedroom homes, which, perhaps due to the competition, tend to spend longer on the market – around five months, an average of 138 days.

Nonetheless, the average price for a home in Knowle is £601,571, so it’s definitely a good time to speak to an estate agent to get a valuation to progress with any plans to sell your home.

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