Market Your Home in Solihull – A Social Media Success Story

Market Your Home In Solihull

Tik Tok! How we made marketing a home a social success story

There are many ways to market your house, and much of that decision depends on the attitude of the vendor. Some are in no hurry to sell, while for others, time is of the essence.

With so much demand for homes in Solihull, there are a wealth of strategies available when it comes to deciding how to best market your house, with stunning photography, open house viewings and virtual tours all being effective solutions.

However, believe it or not, one of the most immediate and impactful ways to market your house is through social media wizardry, and we’ve got the best example to prove it.

We were instructed by one couple who had one aim when it came to asking us to market their home: it needs to sell FAST. The couple had seen their dream property and needed to sell their existing home as quickly as possible in order to secure it!

A snappy strategy to market your house in Solihull

As usual, we put together a fantastic marketing package with our trademark professional photography and our in-house social media whizz set about putting together a social strategy to market the house with a high-profile online presence and send it viral.

Because our clients were keen for a speedy sale, we agreed to lower the asking price slightly, but stipulated an ‘offers over’ approach to encourage as many viewings as possible. Accompanied by an ‘Offers Over…’ instruction, we launched an outstanding social media marketing campaign around the opportunity, with the video showcasing the home being viewed more than 1.1 million times on TikTok within the Solihull area and beyond, leading to multiple viewing requests as a direct result.

Such was the demand for the property following its huge social media exposure, we were inundated with viewing requests, leading to invite best and final offers from interested buyers. Not only did the house sell for well over the agreed asking price, but also for more than the initial valuation we’d provided before lowering the price to ensure a quick sale!

That’s what we in the business call a WIN!

If you’re located within Solihull and the surrounding areas and looking for a dynamic team with a bold approach to help market your house… you need look no further!

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